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Concerns of Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Worries

Have you got weight loss worries? 

It's important to distinguish between weight loss due to illness and weight loss due to increased stimulation and activity levels. The latter is very common in a good boarding environment.

Understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight loss is also essential. A significant and sudden decrease in weight, perhaps accompanied by weakness, would be unhealthy weight loss. But gradual weight loss is often a natural result of being in the stimulating and active environment of a boarding & training facility. It can be a good thing.

So, you leave your pup with us for two or three weeks and come back to find that he's lost weight.

Why is that? Please don't worry; we weren't starving your baby.

If your pup had been ill during his stay with us, we would have contacted you. So let's assume, for a moment, that your dog is not sick.

Then what happened? The answer is simple... activity & lots of it.

Many dogs' home life consists of a daily walk or playtime in the evening. During a typical workday, when you are not with your dog, he most likely sleeps most of the day. Of course, each dog and each home is different.  

At our kennel, the dogs are in & out daily with tons of playtime. They are only in his indoor kennel for meals and nightly sleeping. The dogs typically sleep less due to all of the activity here at the kennel. We always have something going to keep their attention.

Please remember that your dog's health and well-being are our #1 priority! 

Thank you for allowing us to care for your 4-legged family member. 

Your Y-Farms Family, Jen, Brad, McKenzie, Krista & Donna