Safety and Well-being 

We understand how important it is for pet parents to feel confident in the safety and well-being of their fur babies. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure that our facility is equipped with the latest safety features.


Secure and Monitored Premises:

  • Fencing: Each of our play yards are enclosed with durable 6-foot commercial fencing. Our farm features an automatic gate at the entrance for added convenience. Additionally, boundary fencing is in place around the perimeter of our farm.
  • Surveillance: Our facility is outfitted with a comprehensive 32-camera system dedicated to in-house monitoring of both our staff and the dogs in our care. These security cameras cover every nook and corner, guaranteeing not only the safety of all occupants but also offering  owners a sense of peace and assurance.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Medical Care: We are fortunate to have Dr. Margaret Jensen, who makes house calls to our facility. Additionally, we have established a valuable relationship with Clinton Animal Hospital, ensuring immediate access to comprehensive veterinary services.
  • Emergency Generator: Installed in the fall of 2023, our 24k Generac generator ensures that even in the event of a power outage, your dog’s comfort and security will never be compromised. Designed to operate seamlessly, this generator powers the entire farm, guaranteeing a continuous and reliable electricity supply to the kennel, especially during inclement weather.
  • Fire Safety: Safety is our top priority at the kennel, especially when it comes to fire prevention. We’ve placed fire extinguishers all around our facility and we’ve installed CO2 and fire smoke detectors. We have well-lit exit signs and multiple doors for easy evacuation throughout our facility. Also, we live on-site, ensuring a quick response in case of any emergencies.

Evacuation Plans:

  • Despite receiving warnings and coordinating with dog parents for pickups, there may be a need to evacuate our facility due to threats such as hurricanes and floods (as experienced in 2016). To ensure preparedness, we have secured additional property in Norwood, Louisiana.