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All Breeds Problem Solving Training

We Provide A High Quality, Positive Learning Experience for Dogs.

Our obedience training program is for dogs of all breeds & all ages.

Regardless of whether he will be a performance dog competing in hunt tests, a hunting buddy or a family companion it is important to teach obedience.

By working with your dog on "self control", we can address problems that you are having with your dog at home. We believe that a properly trained dog is happier and healthier throughout his life. Obedience training will help make your dog more manageable and responsive to commands. An obedient dog is a joy to own and a rewarding family companion. We will instruct you on how to discipline and work with your dog in an organized, step-by-step program.

Also, we offer training assistance for anxious and fearful dogs. We will take time daily working one on one with your dog to build trust, so we can get to the root of the problems.

Commands that we teach

We encourage the dogs to reach their full potential with praise and training exercises that are fun.

For most of the obedience training, we use a 20 foot check cord and choke chain collar. We will use a pinch collar for larger, strong dogs that are more difficult for their owners to manage. The use of a remote electronic collar (as needed) is to reinforce commands that your dog already understands. It is especially effective in teaching dogs to come when they are called, under all conditions, regardless of distracting circumstances. The dogs are worked daily with a time outdoors to play, swim, or retrieve. We are hands on with our clients, we encourage you to come out while we are training and be apart of your dogs' progress. 

After daily training, each dog is allowed to unwind on one of our 6 dog yards. The dogs are out and about most all day every day. We put them in their kennels at dinner time and for the night. During inclement weather the dogs are brought into our indoor kennel building, where they can enjoy some free time or rest. Unlike other training kennels, we do not force the dogs to stay in a enclosed kennel all day. We believe that they need free time to unwind and just be a dog.

It typically takes a minimum of 2 months to have a dog completely obedience trained.

After your dog's training is complete at our kennel, we will gladly offer in home follow up or assistance if needed.

 $900.00 per month for Obedience Training 

***Please understand that we are at the kennel with the dogs most all day every day, it is very hard for us to answer phone calls due to the noise level. Please send a text message to our Kennel Phone at 225-301-0175 or send an email to get a quicker response.

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