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What are your hours for drop-off and pick-up?

We schedule drop off and pick up by appointment Monday through Sunday. We like for you to meet with us to go over training questions, goals and schedules. Please contact us at 225-301-0175 to schedule an appointment. Training visits are encouraged, we want to make sure your dog works for you and that you understand the training program.

If we wanted to drop our dog off for training, when could we get started?

Usually we can get your dog in within a couple of weeks, but sometimes there is a short waiting period. It really just depends on when you contact us. We also take reservations for future dates, for instance if you’re planning a vacation and you’d like the dog to be trained while you’re away. Our advice is to email us, as soon as you know your vacation date.

Do you work with older dogs?

Yes, we have successfully worked with dogs over five years of age. We can help you with your dog.

What will my dog be doing when he is not training?

The dogs are out and about most all day every day. We put them in their kennels at dinner time and for rest time. After training each dog is allowed to unwind on one of our 6 dog yards. During inclement weather the dogs are brought into our indoor kennel building, where they can enjoy some free time or rest. Unlike other training kennels, we do not force the dogs to stay in a enclosed kennel all day. We believe that they need free time to unwind and just be a dog.

Do you train all of the dogs with an e-collar?

Over the years, I have trained many dogs without the e-collar. The collar is such a wonderful tool if used correctly. We do not "teach" with the ecollar we "reinforce" what your do has already learned. In addition to the e-collar we train all dogs with a collar metal chain collar (choke chain) a leash and long lines. So we don't use the e-collar only.

What is your opinion on using treats as rewards during training?

Rewards are not just about food treats. In fact, for some dogs, food is not a highly valued reward and other things are more important. But this is why food is often used in training especially puppies: for many dogs, the fastest way to their brain is through their stomach, so food treats are often an effective way to reward behaviors as they are being taught. However, food should never be the sole reward.

My dog will be entering your 1 month boarding and training program. Do I need to bring her dog food?

We feed Victor Performance Dog Food to the dogs in training at here at Y-Farms Kennels. This is a complete balanced food. If your dog has food allergies or a sensitive stomach please provide food your dog is used eating. Be sure to bring enough for the entire stay. If you are feeding Victor or a chicken based food and you would like use to feed Victor while your dog is here we will be happy to. If you are feeding something else and would like us to switch your dog over for the stay please bring three or four days food and we will mix and then switch over to our food.

Will my dog forget me while being away from me so long during training?

Dogs have a very long memory and six weeks to three months is not a long time for them. You will also be coming up to the kennel at scheduled intervals during the training to work with your dog. Once your dog smells you and hears your voice he/she will recognize you and be happy to see you.

Will training change my dog's personality?

Training changes your dog's behavior but not his personality. Training helps organize the dogs thought processes so that he can be more self controlled and respond to commands.

Will training help to correct my dog's undesirable habits such as digging, destructive chewing or nuisance barking?

Training teaches the dog to respond to commands when you are present. It does not teach the dog to behave in a certain manner when you are absent. Digging and chewing are best addressed by confining your dog in a crate or dog run when you are unable to supervise him. Nuisance barking is best controlled with an electronic bark collar which picks up the vibration of the dog's vocal cords when he barks. They are variable intensity and can be adjusted to a suitable level.

What is the best way to contact you?

We most every day of the week working with the dogs. We spend the rest of our time at the kennel doing chores and caring for your dog.

Overall, the best way to contact us is by email, jen@y-farms.com or by text 225-301-0175. We can not answer our phone due to training & noise level at our kennel.