Exercise and socialization are key components to a stable, healthy, well-rounded dog. Dogs need exercise to stay healthy. These days, it’s hard for dog owners to set aside the appropriate amount of time to exercise their dogs. One or two walks a day is unfortunately not enough for many breeds.

At our camp, your dog will enjoy multiple extended play sessions outdoors and indoors with tons of space to run, spend energy, and stay physically fit.

Socialization is vital for happy dogs. Dogs are naturally social but don’t automatically know how to interact with other dogs. Our camp offers a supervised, safe environment for dogs to meet other dogs and make friends while maintaining good manners.

Our program was designed with the safety of your pup in mind. Playgroups are carefully chosen by size and temperament, with groups kept small for the safest play.



Your dog will spend the day...

  • Being Loved: Receiving ample love and personal attention from our caring staff.

  • Using His Brain: Engaging in mentally stimulating activities, such as solving puzzles with treats involved.

  • Using His Nose: Learning and enjoying scent games that provide mental and physical stimulation.

  • Staying Fit: Exercising and having a blast in our fun play yards to keep them physically active.

  • Learning New Skills: Participating in specialized training sessions that focus on developing manners and other valuable skills.

  • Making Friends: Enjoying the company of well-matched friends in small playgroups, fostering socialization.

If you have a social butterfly of a dog and believe they could benefit from companionship during the day, reach out to us to arrange a Meet & Greet visit. We look forward to welcoming your furry friend to our enriching and loving environment.