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Basic Obedience Commands

Training Commands


Obedience Commands

Here: The dog should come directly to you when called.

Heel: The dog is set up on the left-hand side of you, not in front or behind you, to keep pace with you while walking/running. Only use the command once the dog is close to you after saying “here.”

            **Tip: Placing your left hand, palm open, by your side or patting the outer part of your left leg while also using the verbal command can help act as a target or cue for where the dog needs to be.**

Sit:The dog sits immediately, faces towards you, and stays sitting until released.

**We use the word “sit” to represent the command for both “sit” and “stay.” **

Down: The dog lies down and should continue to lie down until released.

Wait / No Sit: The dog should sit and focus on you where they are and not continue the action until told a follow-up command.

            **These commands are used interchangeably**

Kennel / Place: The dog will get into a crate, kennel, or dog bed. It is also used to load a dog into a vehicle or ATV.

            **These commands are used interchangeably**

Out: The dog will know to go outside for potty or playtime.

Quiet: The dog should be silent in a crate/kennel or any setting.

While we have worked to build a foundation with your dog using these commands, you will need to enforce them at home to maintain your dog’s obedience training.