Basic obedience commands

One of the most important aspects of having a happy and healthy relationship with your dog is training them with basic obedience commands. These commands not only help you establish a bond with your furry friend, but they also help you communicate with them effectively.

In this section, we will cover some of the basic obedience commands that every dog owner should know. From sit to stay, these commands will help you establish yourself as the leader of your pack and ensure a happy and healthy relationship with your furry friend. 

  • Here: The dog should come directly to you when called.
  • Heel: Start by positioning them on your left side while walking or running. Wait until your dog is close to you after saying “here” before using the command. To further guide your dog, consider placing your left hand with an open palm by your side or patting the outer part of your left leg while using the verbal command. This can act as a target or cue for your dog to know where they need to be
  • Sit: The dog sits immediately, faces towards you, and stays sitting until released. *We use the word “sit” to represent the command for both “sit” and “stay.”*
  • Down: The dog lies down and should continue to lie down until released.
  • Wait/No Sit: The dog should sit and focus on you where they are and not continue the action until told a follow-up command.
  • Kennel/Place: The dog will get into a crate, kennel, or dog bed. It is also used to load a dog into a vehicle or ATV.
  • Out: The dog will know to go outside for potty or playtime.
  • Quiet: The dog should be silent in a crate/kennel or any setting.

While we have worked to build a foundation with your dog using these commands, you will need to enforce them at home to maintain your dog’s obedience training.