HRCH Y-Farms Burning Ring of Fire SH


Meet Ember, a dedicated retriever with a heartwarming personality. Ember is not only a hard worker but also possesses a sweet temperament that makes her an exceptional house dog. Indoors, she is remarkably quiet, adding to her charm as a wonderful family companion. Raised and trained with joy, Ember has been an integral part of our kennel since birth. She is a product of our 2016 JC & Jace litter, and we've had the pleasure of witnessing her talent blossom. Ember seamlessly transitions between roles, excelling as both a cherished family member and a high-performance athlete. As a titled (HRCH) Hunting Retriever Champion and (SH) Senior Hunter, Ember has proven her hard work in the field. Her excellence extends to hunting, where she demonstrates excellent behavior in the blind and shines as an exceptional marking dog. Ember is versatile, blending the qualities of a loving companion and a hard-running athlete with finesse.


We chose to pick Ember from her litter because she was so sweet and affectionate. Fast forward, she is still just as affectionate, except now she loves to give hugs! She is always ready to give a Huge Hug!

Basic Information

  • Name: HRCH Y-Farms Burning Ring of Fire SH
  • Call Name: Ember
  • DOB: 9/11/2016
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • Health Clearances: OFA Hips: LR-249021E47F-VPI (Excellent)
    OFA Eye: LR-EYE-180101/35F-VPI (Normal)
    OFA Elbow: LR-EL97754F47-VPI (Normal)
    CNM: DDC-199605-Clear
    EIC: DDC-199605-Clear
    UKC Reg: R266-024
    AKC Reg: SR95421102
    AKC DNA: DDC-199605-EE BB DD
    PRA: DDC-199605-Clear
    D LOCUS: DDC-DD C.22G>A -/-- No Dilute
    DDC-Degenerative Myelopathy-199605-Clear
  • Pedigree: Read More
  • Achievements: HRC Hunting Retriever Champion Title
    AKC Senior Hunter Title