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SHR Y-Farms Million Dollar Baby JH (Dolla)

Dolla’s Sire “Joe” Dolla Dolla Dolla Dolla Christmas 2021 Dolla Dolla Christmas 2021
Basic Information


SHR Y-Farms Million Dollar Baby JH (Dolla)




65 lbs

Dolla's Pedigree

Dolla is a very well-bred black (Chocolate factored) female. She is a good-looking dog with a thick, shiny black coat. One of Dolla's best personality traits is that she is a loyal & loving companion. She is a very obedient & quiet dog. Dolla is a beautiful girl! 

Dolla is not a high-strung dog. But when it is time to retrieve, she will turn the motor on! She has excellent marking ability & excellent manners at the line. She is very teachable and has a strong desire to please during training. She has her UKC Started Hunting Retriever title and AKC Junior Hunter title. 

Dolla's Sire "Joe"

Dolla's Dam "Cam"