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HRCH Poulsen’s Lunch Money MH (Wilson)

Basic Information


HRCH Poulsen’s Lunch Money MH (Wilson)




65 lbs

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Wilson is a 65lbs gorgeous tri-color factored male.

We have chosen to use Wilson as a stud dog for Ember, as we believe that he has everything in one package! He has the Fire & Drive of his father "Cosmo". Wilson has impeccable line manners & self control during competition. He is also extremely intelligent with a terrific personality. Wilson is a very loving dog, he is a "pleaser". He is always wanting to make you proud of him. 

Wilson has his Hunting Retriever Champion title and his Master Hunter title. He passed the 2019 AKC Master Nationals.

***Written by Chuck McCall of Chumac Kennels, just before the Fall 2020 Grand.

Next up for Team Chumac will be HRCH Poulsen's Lunch Money, MH.  Two and half years ago Kory Poulsen told me he had a nice pup out of Cosmo that I might be interested in.  Well, Kory sent Wilson down and I fell in love with this clown of a dog.  He was full of mischief at the kennel...running around with shoes, food  bags, or stickmen.  I convinced Todd Hanson that Wilson was the male dog he was looking for.. 

Wilson ran 2 Grands as a 2 year old, pointing out in the 4th series both times. He passed the Master National last year and has been competitive in the SRS. The future looks bright for this pup who is not quite 4.

***A note from Todd Hanson, Wilson’s owner.

Wilson has really turned it on this year, all due to Chuck McCall his trainer. I am looking forward to having him in the duck blind this coming duck season.

Pups From HRCH Poulsen’s Lunch Money MH (Wilson)

We currently have no puppies from HRCH Poulsen’s Lunch Money MH (Wilson). If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when HRCH Poulsen’s Lunch Money MH (Wilson) has puppies.