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HR Y-Farms Roux's Rockin Dopsie SH (Oopsie)

Oopsie Xmas 2021
Basic Information


HR Y-Farms Roux's Rockin Dopsie SH (Oopsie)




48 lbs

Oopsie's Pedigree & Health Clearances

Oopsie is a little chocolate firecracker! Oopsie is a 46 lb adorable chocolate female. She is very well-bred. Her sire is 3xGRHRCH UH Dakota's Cajun "Roux" MH & her dam is HRCH Abigail's True Blue. We have owned Oopsie since she was eight weeks old.  As a young pup, she quickly displayed a big desire to retrieve. She has the sweetest personality; she is a very loyal dog. We have trained Oopsie to be a working dog, but she is also a part of our family. She is often called our "Good Citizen" because she is so well behaved in and around our home. Oopsie is a quiet dog, and if she is on our dog truck or in the kennel, she never makes a peep. The other dogs can be barking like crazy, but she is always quietly waiting for her turn to spend time with us.

Oopsie has her AKC Senior Hunter & UKC Hunting Retriever title. Oopsie is a hard-working retriever. She picks up multiple marks, steady to a gunshot, she casts well & picks up blind retrieves. She is an exceptional hunting retriever. When no birds are flying, she quietly relaxes in the duck boat or on her stand. She has hunted with us all over & in many different terrains.

Pups From HR Y-Farms Roux's Rockin Dopsie SH (Oopsie)

We currently have no puppies from HR Y-Farms Roux's Rockin Dopsie SH (Oopsie). If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when HR Y-Farms Roux's Rockin Dopsie SH (Oopsie) has puppies.