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HRCH Y-Farms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie MH (JC)

Jc running Finished and loving it! Field work Returning with her duck Sitting still Profile pic of JC Brad & JC honoring with Dan & Oopsie at Amite River HRC JC with Miles on a hunt in Venice, LA Her daddy is so proud of his girl! t Brad & JC with ducks from a awesome hunt JC at N MS Retriever Club 10/25/20 JC with her daughter Ember JC Christmas 2021
Basic Information


HRCH Y-Farms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie MH (JC)




60 lbs

  JC's Pedigree

JC is a loving and affectionate dog. She possesses boundless enthusiasm and the sparkle that makes her a delight to train and hunt. JC is a special dog to our family. She's a bright and handsome female. She is a well-built dog that weighs 55-60 lbs. She is an excellent marking dog, and she handles exceptionally well. Her blinds are run with the same enthusiasm as she runs marks.

JC is a happy & affectionate girl, and she loves spending time with our family at our home.

JC's sire is, and her dam is a well-bred female from Warhawk Kennels. JC is a quiet dog in the duck blind or boat while hunting.  She is an excellent marking dog and never fails to fetch up every duck that goes down.  
JC is titled AKC Master Hunter & UKC Hunting Retriever Champion.

Pups From HRCH Y-Farms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie MH (JC)

We currently have no puppies from HRCH Y-Farms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie MH (JC). If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when HRCH Y-Farms Cash’s Candlewoods Cutie MH (JC) has puppies.