Y-Farms Kennels

Y-Farms Road to Omaha, “Roadie”

Meet “Roadie”, he is a handsome 8-month-old retriever with an excellent pedigree. Raised on our farm, he loves the water & retrieving. Roadie is ready to become part of a family. This handsome guy is not only well-socialized but also crate-trained, skilled at using a doggy door in our home, and additionally he has undergone obedience training.

Roadie possesses an adorable personality and has a gentle, kind-hearted nature. He absolutley adores children! This makes us confident that he will be a wonderful family companion and an outstanding working retriever.

Born from our “Lovey” & “Wilson” litter, we bred this litter to produce puppies capable of smoothly transitioning from hardworking field roles to being affectionate family members at home.



Y-Farms LSU Hometown Hero “Alex”

This pup is adorable and is a good-looking fellow. He’s been very well socialized, he loves the water and loves to retrieve. He has been taught to use a doggy door &  potty outdoors in a specific area.

Alex has a cute sweet personality. We have no doubt that he will make an excellent family companion, as well as a wonderful working Retriever. He is a pup from our Lovey & Wilson  litter.

We bred this litter specifically to produce puppies that would be able to shift gears from being hard-working in the field to being sweet family companions at home.


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