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Litter Health Guarantee

Health Guarantee

Y-Farms Puppy Health Guarantee

You are allowed five (5) days in which to have your veterinarian examine your puppy for any health problems that may be present. If there is a problem, and it cannot be rectified, you may return the puppy to us on the day following the exam or within the five (5) days allowed. You must have a written statement from the veterinarian who examined the puppy explaining any health issue that was discovered. Upon return of your puppy, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price.

All of our puppies are sold in good faith. Although we do offer a health guarantee (outlined below), no dog is sold for any specific use or guarantee of performance, such as, but not limited to: brood bitch, stud dog, show dog or field trial competitor.

If before the age of twenty six (26) months your dog develops any of the following conditions, it shall be replaced by the breeder (Y-Farms Kennels) with another puppy of equal value and similar quality. If you are not interested in a replacement puppy, half (1/2) of your original purchase price will be refunded (at the breeders discretion), provided that the said dog is spay/neutered with written proof from your veterinarian.  Your replacement puppy will be supplied free of all charges with the exception of any shipping costs and a health certificate. If the value of the replacement puppy is greater than the original price, the buyer (you) will be responsible for paying the difference, before the replacement puppy is in your possession.

Above Mentioned Conditions:

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia - As evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals

Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) - As evaluated by the required DNA testing through the University of Minnesota

Progressive Retinal Atrophy and/or Congenital Cataract(s) - As certified by AVCO Diplomat Veterinary Ophthalmologist.

It is the purchasers’ responsibility to agree to the following terms in order for this agreement to remain in effect.

*The breeder must be notified within fifteen (15) days of the diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia, EIC, Progressive Retinal Atrophy or Congenital Cataract.                                             

 *Preceding the diagnosis of one of the aforementioned health problems, said dog must be spayed /neutered or euthanized (if it is medically necessary).                                                                                                              

*The dog may NOT have been bred prior to claiming the health issue.                                          

*Our registered kennel name (Y-Farms) shall be used and appear in the dogs AKC/UKC registered name. The puppy/dog is to be registered with the AKC within 90 days of receiving the puppy registration paperwork.

If you are making a claim for replacement puppy or a refund, it shall be in writing and accompanied by the following:

*A copy of this guarantee                                                                                                                          

*The dog’s original AKC registration certificate, with ownership signed back to the breeder.          

*Veterinary certification of hip, elbow or eye defect as described above.                                         

*Veterinary certification of EIC.                                                                                                    

*Veterinary certification of spay/neuter or euthanasia.

This claim must be submitted to the breeder before the dog reaches 26 months of age. Y-Farms will reserve the right to take possession of the affected live dog in the event the buyer makes a claim for a replacement puppy, BEFORE EUTHANASIA.

We make every effort to keep our puppies healthy and safe while at our kennel, therefore, we ask that you will do the same at your home. Please keep your puppy away from other animals and public areas until he/she has completed all of his/her vaccinations (6, 9, 12 & 16 weeks). Y-Farms Kennels will not be held responsible for a puppy coming into contact with any diseases after he/she leaves our kennel.

***If for whatever reason you cannot keep your puppy/dog. Please contact us, we will be glad to help you find suitable placement for your dog. 

This guarantee is non-transferrable to any other persons other than the documented persons in the original transaction. We, Y-Farms Kennels, reserve the right to have the puppy seen and evaluated by our veterinarian.

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Y-Farms Representative: __________________________________ Date: __________________