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Summer's Approach

Summer's Approach

April 30, 2015 by

In my last blog it felt as though winter was dragging on and on. Now Spring has sprung way to quickly,it is almost May 1st. As quickly as our seasons are passing by we are working hard at the kennel to keep up the same pace.

Our Easter Holiday found us busier than ever at the kennel. But I am not complaining, I loved every minute of the boarding frenzy! I believe we had a total of 36 dogs boarding with us through Easter.

We hope to finish up our Spring Hunt Test season this year with several new titles on our dogs. So far, Miles got his Senior Hunter title &  Honey has gotten 2 Senior passes. We also have Mollie, Kit & Rudy with brand new Junior Hunter titles. We typically run dogs at more Spring Hunt Tests but I am so proud of us for just getting out there this season!!! 

Brad will be heading out to Bay Area Hunting Retriever Club on Mother's Day weekend to run 6 dogs. Miles, Mollie, JC, Honey, Ringo & Rally will be with him. I get the joy of staying behind and keeping an watchful eye on Rose, as she is due to have her puppies May 6th. From the looks of things, she will be having these pups sooner than later. She is huge but still very content and happy. This litter is special to us, Rose & Miles are Y-Farms grandchildren. 

I will post pictures of the puppies as soon as they are born! 


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