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Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

July 14, 2015 by

I hope that this Blog post finds you somewhere cool and comfortable. Our summer started off with horrible afternon rain storms. Now we haven't had a rain shower in over a week and the forecast doesn't call for rain for another week. Here in Zachary, LA its humid and hot!

At the kennel we have been staying as cool as possible. The boarding dogs get to go outside in the morning and late in the evening for playtime. It's just too miserable for them to tolerate the heat. Our 4th of July was wild and crazy here, in a good way!!! We had over 50 dogs boarding for the holiday weekend. When the sun began to go down the dogs were all in 'lock down' for the night due to the noisy fireworks in Zachary. All of the dogs did great!

Our new 6' dog fencing was completed just in time for the busiest holiday on record for Y-Farms. Thank you to Axis Fence for your hard work, we appreciate you guys!!!!

Now that things with our dog boarding are slowing down a little bit we are able to begin taking new dogs in for training. I am so ready to shift gears and get back into the dog training mode! 

Our summer wouldn't have been so successful with out the help of Kyle Serrett, Carter Albert, Morgan Bouley & our McKenzie!! You guys made it possible, Brad & I appreciate you all!!!!! 


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