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Bittersweet Summer Ending

Bittersweet Summer Ending

August 10, 2015 by

Today, I had to get this off of my heart so I can maybe help others to see things through the eyes of anyone who is grieving. I posted this a little while ago on our kennel page, mean spirited people can really make someone question humanity especially when those people act as though they would like to kick someone when they are struggling just to breathe daily. Then never apologize when they know that they got you right where it hurts the most. Sadly, we have encountered quite a few of these hurtful people this summer, when we have tried to go above and beyond to be understanding & truthful. We have take financial losses to appease clients, when things happen that are out of our control. It still doesn't always work out & for that it breaks my heart.

 I posted this on our kennel facebook page:

 As I reflect on the 2015 summer vacation season coming to an end, it's kind of bittersweet for us at Y-Farms. Our kennel has seen a good bit of growth & many new wonderful changes at our facility to accommodate the dogs. This season has brought many positives and quite a few negatives, too. I have worked as hard as I possibly could to make our clients pleased with our services. Some have been so kind to us and others have been so hard on our family. These mean spirited people that we have encountered really make me question if I can take much more of mean/cruel people who clearly set out to be hurtful & critical. What hurts the most is that these people know that our family tragically lost our daughter 8 months ago & since Maddie's passing the majority of our energy and time has been spent working in this kennel. Brad & I have not stood up for ourselves when we have been treated cruelly. We have certainly not been cut any slack at all which makes my heart so sad! I have been blessed that a few of our clients/friends that really know us, have defended us. These folks have encouraged us to just keep moving forward. And to those folks I would like to say Thank You, we appreciate you all. Jen
I am so happy that seasons in our kennel life are beginning to change, from dog boarding being the main focus of our kennel during the summer time. To now that the kids have returned to school & family vacations are over we can put our focus back on to our dog training and upcoming puppies!!! 

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